Data-visualizing the clones of a theater play


Woyzeck is among the most prominent theater plays in the German repertory. More or less dating back from 1837, it has in fact never been finished by its author, Georg Büchner, who passed that year. Since then, the fragments constituting the original text have been rewritten and reassembled again and again by every playwright and producer who has taken on staging it. Countless versions of the piece exist, some with minors adjustments only, while some others with considerable changes involving the order of the scenes, the characters playing, or even the story itself. For a one-week workshop centered around Basil.js, a javascript framework for Adobe InDesign, we decided to find a way to easily compare different interpretations of Woyzeck. We used Basil.js as a datavisualization tool to create diagrammatic representations of three versions of the play that we then released in the form of a A0 poster.

The underlying principle of the Basil.js script.

The original version of the poster that was made during the one-week workshop.

Teamwork done with: Saskia Vellas, Sabina Vera Bösch, Heejae Yang.